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How Much Money Should You Tip At Massage Envy? [MUST READ]

Massage Envy is a great place to go and to get a relaxing massage. A massage can be a an extremely relaxing experience and a great masseuse can be a god-send.

Massage Envy is one of the best-known massage parlors in the industry. They have over 900 locations throughout the United States.

But many wonder how much you tip Massage Envy? Not all of the money you are paying for the message will go to the person providing the service. The company needs to take their share for marketing, promotion, and housing. There are some Massage Envy tipping guidelines to help you determine how much money you should tip your masseuse.

Many skilled professionals work at Massage Envy. It is essential to take care of the massage therapists that are proving the service. They went through training to make sure they are able to perform these relaxation services. They are professional and should be treated with respect.

It is important to tip the massage therapist to show them they did a good job and you are leaving the office feeling relaxed.

Massage Envy Pricing Plans

When you go to Massage Envy, you will pay a different rate based on the service you are looking for. You will pay for your massage by the hour. The first time that you go to Massage Envy, you will pay $49.99 as an introductory rate.

A person can get a hot stone envy session for $159.99. This is a special session where the hot stone is used to relieve the tension in the body. If you are a member of the Massage Envy massage club, you will get special rates.

If you decide to become a monthly member of this message group you will be charged $59.99 for a one hour massage.

You can also get a Murad facial for as little as $10. Being a member means you will be seeing the massage therapist, so it is essential that you take care of them and tip them well. Massage Envy suggests tipping the therapist at the nonmember price since they are higher for the service.

If you get a massage lasting two hours you should tip the therapist around $40 or 20 percent of the total cost of the message.

Even with the prices that you pay for a massage, the person performing the service does not get all of the money. Massage Envy gets their cut of the profits. This is why you need to tip the person performing the massage.

So How Much Should You Tip At Massage Envy?

Information the Massage Envy tip chart suggest tipping the massage therapist based on the rate charged to nonmembers.

  • For the average one hour massage, it is recommended to tip between $10 and $20.
  • If you are looking to calculate percentages based on the price of the massage, you should try to tip a person fifteen to twenty percent of the total cost.

When you tip the massage therapist, it will show them how much you enjoyed their service.

What About Tipping For Add-On Services?

There are some add-on services that will add to the Massage Envy price. If you get these services in addition to the massage, your cost will go up, and you will need to tip the massage therapist more money.

You can get a sugar foot scrub for an additional $15. Aromatherapy will also cost an extra $15 as part of your massage session. Additionally, deep muscle therapy is also another add on service.

This will cost an additional $18. When getting these services, you need to make sure you tip the massage therapist extra money. If you are tipping $20 for a regular massage, you should add an addition $5 to $8 on to the tip if you get any of these services.

After receiving the massage, there are some ways that you can tip the massage therapist. Once you get dressed fully, you can hand your massage therapist cash. If you are paying with a credit or a debit card you can add a tip on to your total.

Make sure you tell the masseuse that you are leaving them a tip to make sure that they get it. You can also put money in an envelope.

If you are doing this make sure you hand the envelope right to them. This way you know they are getting the tip they earned.

It is Time to Finally Stop Procrastinating

It is Time to Finally Stop Procrastinating

It is oh so easy to put things off but that leads to unnecessary stress and negative self-talk.   Breaking the habit of procrastination is easier said than done, and getting started is the hardest part.  You need the right motivation to get up off your backside and get moving.  If motivation is in short supply then here are some tips that will help you finally break the procrastination habit.

Create a To-Do List

A daily to-do list will help you sort out the pile of things that you have to do and make your list manageable.  It gives you the opportunity to prioritize tasks and nothing feels as good as scratching something off the list.  It doesn’t matter how busy you are taking 2 minutes to create a to-do list will help keep you organized too.  Here is how to create an effective to-do list.

Follow the 5 Minute Rule

Any task on your to-do list that takes 5 minutes or less to do, then do it right away and get it over with.  Don’t make any excuses just get it done.  Putting off these small tasks causes you stress you can alleviate immediately.  If a counter full of dishes is causing anxiety then wash them, it’s over and done with.

Set Aside Time for Odd Jobs

This is closely related to the 5 minute rule but with a twist.  We all get stuck with those tasks that are a pain and never seem to get done.  It’s little things like sorting through your mail, calling the bank or any other task that you cringe at doing.  Schedule an hour each week to get this stuff off your list and be realistic about when you schedule the time, you won’t reach your insurance agent at 10pm on a Sunday.

 Set Small Goals

Big goals can be overwhelming, you don’t know where to start and you end up avoiding getting anything done.  However the project you are dreading still needs to get done so break the task down into small goals.  Set a due date for each part of the task so you hold yourself accountable.  This is an easy way to achieve your goal and to feel like you’re making progress along the way.

Pat Yourself on the Back

Everybody likes rewards so don’t be afraid to reward yourself for a job well done.  Let the reward equal the size of the goal, if you have completed a big project then indulge yourself with a spa day or a fancy dinner out.  Let yourself sit back and enjoy a coffee and some TV after the odd jobs are done.

Setting Your 2019 Goals

Setting Your 2019 Goals

We are sitting in the last month of 2018 and as the year winds down it is time to start looking at what you want to accomplish in 2019.  What do you crave, and how are you setting yourself up to make that happen.  Every year thousands of people make big resolutions for the New Year and then fail to follow through.  Why does that happen and how can you change the result.  Setting your 2019 goals are just the first step, now let’s have a look at how to make that happen.

Set the Right Goals

You need to set goals that align with your values, you are more effective when your goals are in line with things that matter to you.  When your goals matter deeply to you  then your motivation comes from within.  This type of motivation is stronger and helps with your chance of making your dreams happen.

Set Big Goals But Plan the Details

Everybody sets lofty goals for the upcoming year, you aim for the big prize like losing 100 lbs or starting your own business.  You need to break those big goals down into manageable chunks.  If you want to lose 100lbs start with losing 10lbs by Valentine’s Day.  If you want to start a business then vow to have your business plan ready by the end of January.  Small successes keep you motivated to keep going, so break your big goals down to smaller chunks.

 Believe in Yourself

Everybody has set goals that in the back of their mind they didn’t really believe were even possible.  This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You have already taken your big lofty goals and broke them down into something that you can manage.  Yes, they might push you past your comfort zone but you have made them doable.  Now it is time to believe in yourself and start taking action.  Start with the small steps, you can totally do this.

Review Your Goals and Your Progress

Periodically throughout the year you need to take some time and check your progress, congratulate yourself on your victories and make adjustments where you need them.  Keep your goals front and center throughout the year to help yourself stick to them.  Set a schedule to review them about once a month to see where you’re at.

We all make New Year’s resolutions but this time put together a plan that will help you make your dreams a reality.

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